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Each of the Between The Worlds conferences has included a powerful main ritual and elaborate main ritual. It will be held on Friday April 10, 2020. 

At the conference there will also be a class with a pathworking to prepare people for the ritual that we encourage you to attend. The class will be repeated several times and we hope that you will make it to one.

Immediately after the ritual there will be complimentary snacks and refreshments to help with grounding. There will also be some post ritual social space.

The Ritual’s Purpose
When the times are perilous, become more.The intent of this ritual is to call forth the powers both great and small, seen and unseen, with whom we share this world and this cosmos. We will build a mandala, a pantacle, a representation of the above and the below to awaken, enliven, and strengthen the gifts that are our birthright. Then together we open the roads, the way, and the paths to the joy and the work of our lives.


Calling the Powers, the People, and the Path

I.     Entrance
Enter and form concentric circles or take a seat led by the heralds. Listen to the chant that is sung and see the words.

II.     Sealing The Ritual Space
The ritual space is sealed against physical or spiritual intrusion or interruption.

III.     Creating The Container
Shofars are sounded and you are asked to listen deeply and see what is being spoken in your mind’s eye. Hear the invitations, the acknowledgments, and calls and answer each with: “The Way Is Open!”

     The Ancestors, the Land, and the deeps of Memory are called.

     The Moon, the Tides, and the powers of Creation are called.

     The Divine Teachers, Messengers, and Recorders are called

     The Fae, the Land Spirits, and all the Unseen Living Hosts are called

     The Sun, Center & Circumference, and the Harmonizing Power are called.

We chant:

Endless Eternal, Powers Of The Night
Endless Eternal, Powers Of The Day
Endless Eternal, By Dusk And By Dawn
Come To Us Now, Come To Us Now

We Who Live In Time
We Who Live And Die 
We Who Live In Time
We Who Cross The Veil
We Who Live In Time
Are Here And Are There 

Flow Through Us Now, 
Flow Through Us Now

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IV.     The Power of Five
Love, Truth, Honor, Courage, and Beauty mark the points of the pentacle and are anchored by ritualists. Listen to these embodied principles and claim them as your own. As the huge pentacle is scribed  across the floor of the ritual space, softly drone/sing:
 “Enliven These In Me.”

V.     Speakers For The Four Elements
The Four Monarchs of the Elements and the Anchors of the World speak from their places.  They speak as Monarchs of their Realms asking us to pledge connection with and protection of their Element. Each pledge ends with 
“So Mote It Be!”

VI.     The Power Of Three
The Three Rays and the Three Streams of Body, Mind, and Spirit are called. The Three speak. The power is circulated then sent to the central focal point. We chant:

Blood of my blood

Stream of life— flow in me 
Soul of my soul

Stream of love— flow in me 
Spark of my spark

Stream through eternity 
Stream through eternity 
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VII.     The Divine Dialogue
Shofars blow twice and all fall silent. Everyone communes with Higher Self, God/dess/es, whatever as individuals in silence.

VIII.     The Center
Look upon the Center, the Omphalos, the Hidden Light, The Wellspring, The Source, and complete the circuit of Above and Below. We chant/tone:
“I Am, I Am, I Am…” 

When the energy peaks free form toning.

IX.     Calling Our Paths And People
We are reminded of our gifts and pledges. We are called to find our people, our paths, our work, and our joy. We call for blessings on our way. We chant:

Blessed be, you Gods and Mortals, 
Blessed be, you inner fire.
Blessed be, you Crown of Brightness.
Blessed be, you Heart's Desire.


     We were waiting for a Turning, 
     Then we saw it was our lives

     When our hearts with flame are burning, 
     Like the sun in flight we rise!
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As we chant, look at each other, and acknowledge each other.

The chant ends and we transition to drumming and dancing in celebration.

We end with “We Give Thanks” three times.

X.     Releasing, Unsealing, Departing
The energetic container is released and the room is unsealed. The Shofars sound once. Heralds assist leading us out and to the post ritual refreshments.

•   You may listen to the chants here for the Main Ritual on one page.

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