The new website for be at www.sacredwheel.org/BTW2023

Please bookmark the new url. 

Answers To The Most Common Questions:

  •    Onsite registration is on the lower level of the hotel.

  •  Our presenters are pre-selected, so please do not contact us for an application form to offer a workshop.

  •     Vending space is limited so we will be carefully selecting vendors. This is not a first come first serve process. Contact us at: sacredwheel@sacredwheel.org 

  •     We do not have any agreements with other nearby hotels. We encourage you to stay at the Hunt Valley Inn because filling the rooms has an impact on the cost of the contract to host this event.

  •        There will be a free literature table where you can leave flyers and cards. You may ship them to us if you are not attending.

  •     Day passes can only be bought onsite.

  •     Check with each presenter for permission before recording their workshop or taking their picture.

  •     Other than matters related to your hotel room, requests about the facilities should be directed to BTW staff, not the hotel staff.

  •      We do not provide young adult programming or are childcare options at this event.
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