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Workshop & Ritual Descriptions

In alphabetical order by presenter and grouped by conference. 


Working With The Spirits

A discussion of personal experiences with Spirits, God/dess/es, Angels, Orishas, and the like. The value, challenges, and risks of work with the spirits will be considered. Comparisons, contrasts, and similarities between experiences with different types of beings will be explored as well.

— Aeptha, Baba No Ke, Jesse Hathaway Diaz, Jason Miller, &  Diana Paxson

In Real Life: The Value Of Personal Contact & Our Own Spaces

What benefits do gatherings, conferences, occult stores, community centers, libraries, popup spaces, and other physical spaces provide in today's world? How does personal contact lead to building communities and networks of allies. What are ways to integrate the real and the digital worlds?

 — Robin Fennelly, Katrina Messenger, Christopher Penczak, Jhenah Telyndru, Laura Tempest Zakroff

The Wheel Of Changes: The Coming Decades

 An exploration of long term cycles from the perspective of Astrology, the Etruscan concept known as the saeculum, and various sociological and traditional systems. There will be a special focus on the next few decades in the United States and what these cycles indicate.

 — Jo Graham, Diotima, & Maria Wander

Keeping It New In The New Aeon Panel

Magical, fraternal societies like the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and others are often associated with complex ceremonies lead by older, wizard-like figures under the auspices of total secrecy. But the reality of magical societies is far more accessible, approachable, and lively than many realize. In this panel, several members of William Blake Lodge O.T.O. will discuss what modern fraternal magical orders are like, what they do, and how they're relevant to modern day magic-workers. From the intersections of ceremonial magic and witchcraft to the role that marginalized voices play in these communities, and more, our guests will bring it all to the table and part some of the mists of uncertainty that shroud these beautiful traditions.
  — Stephanie Olmstead-Dean, David Salisbury, & BJ Swain

Book Publishing Panel and Q&A

Thinking of getting published? Don’t miss this discussion! Get all your questions answered, including: where and how to submit your proposal, the timeline and the process, the money question, the agent question, covers and titles, working the publicity machine, and much more. Well-known authors such as Mat Auryn, Thorn Mooney, Jhenah Telyndru, and Laura Tempest Zakroff will give you the inside look from the author’s perspective, while Elysia Gallo from Llewellyn Worldwide will provide information on acquisitions, editing, marketing, and distribution from the perspective of a mid-sized publisher.

Inclusion vs. Affirmation: Nonbinary, Genderqueer, and Transgender Identities in Our Communities

 Pagan, polytheist, and magickal communities naturally draw many seekers from the fringes of society, including people who are nonbinary, genderqueer, agender, and transgender. How can communities co-create spaces that are not just welcoming, but affirming, of non-cisgender people? Panelists will discuss ways in which their gender identity interacts with their magickal work, and practical suggestions for magickal communities to think “beyond the binary” in symbols, ritual, and structure.

— Panel moderated by: Annie Lynsen. Panel: Tamara Curry, Raven Edgewalker, David Dashifen Kees

Long Term Magical Workings: How and Why to Craft Them
Panel & Discussion

The Alliance has been engaged in a magical working for more than fifteen years. Between the Worlds main rituals all weave together into one, contiguous whole. These are just two examples of groups working long term magic toward a purpose. When are long term workings desirable? Why? How do we initiate them?
Come discuss theories and strategies with Michael, Thorn, and Jim. Topics include the care and feeding of long term work. The ups and downs of collective magic. Building trust. Keeping communication clear. Periodically testing your operation. Refocusing and regrouping. Shifting course. Following the flow of the work. Opening and closing the pattern when it’s time. 
— T. Thorn Coyle, James Dickinson, & Michael G. Smith

Death Midwifery

The topics of “a good death,” final preparations, respect for our religions, and the handling of the deceased are subjects that come up frequently in Pagan circles, particularly as more of our population ages. In this panel discussion, we will discuss Death Midwifery and other topics related to end-of-life planning. Featured topics will be document preparation, family and hospital interaction, counseling, funeral planning, and more. Panel Moderated by: Robert L. Schreiwer. Panel: Maggie Beaumont, Catalina Castells, Sabrina Chase, Larry Goble, Jr.,  Jessica Shoemaker, Vicki Lindstrom, Victoria Young


Between The Worlds Presenters



 Liminal deities are known to aid the seeker and are found at the crossroads, thresholds and gates to the worlds. These deities provide teaching on occult secrets, protection and guidance on initiatory journeys.  We too have gateways within our inner landscape where we hold the pillars of our reality.  Our pillars of polarity create a dynamic tension where betwixt and between a transcendent potential exist. Here is the meeting ground with the unseen, where the numinous resides and initiation occur.   By learning to recognize and navigate these currents we gain power and open to a deeper possibility with the Keeper of the Crossroads we seek within our traditions. Join me to explore this state of pure possibility and open new areas of mind.

Light Within and Celestial Light (Ritual)

The Light within is the Divine Spark which resides in the seat of our Consciousness. In this ritual, we invoke Ra to empower, enliven and arouse this Light.  In ancient Egypt, Ra was the beloved and all-powerful Sun god.  Ra’s epithets include ‘Luminous One’ and ‘Far-Reaching’. With this amplified Inner Light that rises from the Fire we will ride the serpent to encounter Atum, known as “The Great He-She”.  This primordial creator god’s earliest depiction is that of a serpent who emerged from the waters of Nun. One of Atum’s most evocative images is that of riding a serpent into the stars.  Atum is associated with the setting sun and it is here, in this numinous space that we will seek an encounter with Celestial Light. We invite you to this unique exploration of the Solar Mysteries in this ecstatic ritual. Ritual garb is optional. 

Clio Ajana

Dionysian Meditative Ritual  (Ritual)

With the help of Lord Dionysus, we journey through the cavity of elimination, illumination and purification.  We recognize the infections and infestations in our lives as we use the transformative power of purification through elimination.  Through this meditative ritual, we throw off the dregs and illnesses that linger from a prolonged winter.

Vision in the Year 2020 

The year 2020 is special in numerological terms. It is the start of a new decade, a year of hard work and organization. It is the year of the builder.   In a time of chaos, stability, clarity, and grounding the self in reality combine to create a foundation for our long-term successes and accomplishments.  This year is a reminder to examine our values to sharpen our focus for a stronger future. Using the trifecta of numerology, tarot, and astrology, this discussion addresses the energies present in the year 2020 and how to utilize them for best results in the 2020 and beyond. 

Chiron Armand

The Legacy: Mission Descendant  (Ritual/Workshop)

Many world cosmologies prioritize the Descendants, the recipients of our actions and non-actions during our lifetimes. In our contemporary culture where purpose is obscured and identity formation has been hijacked, these future humans (and more-than-humans) can help us not only steer the ship of our society but see where we habitually forfeit the wheel. Through trance, ritual, and movement, we will work skillfully as a team of dedicated time-travelers to gather intelligence as to why are we here and what it is our duty to leave behind as communities and individuals. Standing boldly between the Ancestors and the Ancestors-Yet-To-Come, we'll gain cosmic and personal clarity about our unique place in the multiverse and what is needed for the fulfillment of our personal and collective destinies.

The Inner Compass: Navigating Truth in Modern Times

In a world where myriad agendas vie for our attention, how do we find our center and arrive at truths that sustain us and reflect our authenticity? In this workshop we'll explore some of the factors that contribute to our personal and collective experiences of delusion and hijacking as well as practices that can help bring clarity to our lives and decision-making processes. Through storytelling and group exercises, we'll gain a better grasp of how our families and cultures arrive at particular stories and norms and we'll decide who we will choose to be in the face of them.

Mat Auryn

Mind Magick

Magick doesn't necessarily require any physical tools, rituals, or spells to work. Sometimes we don't have access to these things when we need to work magick. Luckily, magick can be employed anywhere and at any time, without anyone even knowing you're performing magick. In this workshop, Mat Auryn will be sharing the keys to altering reality to conform to your will by employing simple occult and metaphysical techniques discussed in his book Psychic Witch (Llewellyn).

Triple Soul of the Witch

Many mystical and religious traditions around the world have viewed the soul as not a single substance but having multiple parts, most commonly three. Witchcraft is no exception, in this engaging workshop Mat Auryn will teach about the three souls as explained in his book Psychic Witch (Llewellyn). You will learn how to connect with, feed, and strengthen each of the three souls while also learning how to work through each of the soul’s challenges. You will also learn how each soul gives you a different perspective in psychism and realm of influence within magickal workings.

Baba No Ke

The Ritual of Espiritismo (Ritual)

Espiritismo is  a term used in Latin America and the Caribbean to refer to the belief that  good and evil or dark spirits can affect health, luck and other aspects of human life. Sanse is the name of a Caribbean spiritual practice  that synchronizes the  teachings of Alan Kardec, Catholicism,  and ancestor veneration brought  to Puerto Rico by African slaves as well as what  practices remained from the Arawak/ Tanios, the original inhabitants of Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.
This session will be part workshop and part ritual. Iya Baba No Ke will set up a working altar as used in the practice and talk about the origin and protocols of the tradition. Then, participants will be invited to partake in a short version of a medium session. 
Disclaimer: The session will involve the channeling of ancestors. Anyone sensitive to energy work should ground and protect themselves before  participating in the session.  

Healing the Belly Goddess

Women‘s natural spirituality differs from men‘s spirituality, and yet we expect it to be the same. The Women‘s Womb Circle is an ancient practice. It was how women came together to share wisdom, celebrate, strengthen community, and connect with the Sacred Feminine/Goddess/Divine Mother. The Divine means different things to us in each phase of our life. Through joy and pain, our spiritual needs and our spiritual expression change with each phase. There is a need deep within to validate our female bodies in all its forms, to release the restraints, and guilt, and to step into the world free and joyful and connected to the powerful energies that are inherent in being a woman. Working with our Womb energies changes us, and our perspective about our place in the world. When a woman is able to honor her Womb her connection to the sacred feminine energies within her deepens. She is also able to access the energy for her own personal healing, self-development, and awakening. 
The Belly Goddess workshop is a safe space where women can reconnect the Divine Feminine. Participants will discuss the importance of the sacral chakra for women. They will be encouraged to dialogue with their divine voice through journaling and meditation in order to reconnect with their authentic individual and spiritual self. After the  circle meditations, Baba No Me will offere  limpias ( spiritual cleansings in the Latin American tradition) to all who are interested.
All women, including transwomen, women with hysterectomies, etc. are welcome.

Crystal Blanton

The Magic of Self Care and use of Self

Holding space for ourselves can be an undervalued elements of living through today’s world, yet prioritizing wellness is an important piece to spiritual empowerment. Incorporating ancestral lessons, personal power and making space for self-care can support our magic, overall wellness, resilience and moves us towards self actualization. Join a licensed mental health professional as we go deeper into exploring intersections between self-care, ancestral knowledge, empowerment, magic, spiritual connectivity and wellness. Dive into activities and conversation about the powerful magic of sustaining.

Karen Bruhin (With Carm DiLullo)

Falcons & Gyphons: On Using Orders Within Groups

The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel currently has two Orders, the Falcons and the Gryphons in addition to its covens. The Falcons are seers and diviners, and the Gryphons are guardians and clearers of toxic energy. They work separately and together. Learn how these magical Orders are structured and enrich our community. The Orders are individuals collected from our covens for their gifts and trained with highly specific skills. They are further trained in synchronicity and cooperation with each other. In theory and in practice, these subsets can be a powerful asset to a group providing service in extraordinary situations. This may be a model your group or community may wish to explore.

Practicing Sacred Justice
With T. Thorn Coyle

How do we take up the sacred task of justice? How do we help build community resilience? How do we make room at the table for those otherwise shut out? How do we show up for one another, particularly those most damaged by systems: of inequity, white supremacy, trans hatred, fat hatred, disability dismissal, homophobia, and poverty shaming? In this workshop, we will examine why acting toward greater justice is important. We will practice better presence, listening, and pattern observation. We will discuss strategies to uncenter the many faces of privilege. We will learn how to support and follow the lead of those with the greatest investment and assess when to move forward into leadership ourselves. 

T. Thorn Coyle

Operative Magic: Why it is Important Now

Focus your will. Petition your ancestors and Gods. Light your candles. Chant your incantations. Craft your spells. Why? 
We must not give away our power. In these times, when things seem chaotic and our efforts can feel useless, we must find ways to rally ourselves. We must remember that our lives have purpose, and that we co-create with the cosmos every day.
What do you wish to manifest? What are the best ways to work toward that manifestation? What is the difference between personal magic and community magic? Cursing and blessing? Acquiring or releasing? 
Let’s discuss and practice together. We’ll outline techniques, engage with will building exercises, and hopefully, come away with a new piece of powerful personal (or community) magic to work with during the coming year. 

Practicing Sacred Justice

With Crystal Blanton

Jesse Hathaway Diaz

Maria Padilha: The Woman, the Witch, the Devil’s Wife, the Goddess

The woman known as Maria de Padilla was 14th century Spanish noblewoman who was the mistress to King Pedro of Castile. After her death, the King had his marriage annulled and Maria de Padilla named Queen. This ‘crowning in hell’ increased her notoriety among the people, most especially witches, who began to call upon her as a source of power, naming her the wife of the Devil, and patron of outcasts, of women, of divination and love magic, and more. 

In Brazil her cult found new life and expression within the Afro-Diasporic traditions, earning her a unique place among the Pomba Giras, those female crossroads spirits of Quimbanda. Here as Dona Maria Padilha, she still reigns, a celebration of witch, of fire, of Woman. Is she merely a legend? The memory of a witch? A Demon? A Witch-Goddess? 

Come celebrate the Queen of Hell, who flows through magic and love and laughter and music, lending her aide and power to those who call upon her. With song and laughter, through the intercession of Maria Padilha, may we recognize the power of our choice in the fire that burns at the crossroads of each moment!

The Great Sabbat: Traditional Witchcraft and the Christian Holy Week

In Latin America and Eastern Europe, parts of the world where Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox Christian traditions predominate, Good Friday and Holy Saturday are heralded as potent days for the witch and heretic to seize power and to rekindle the witch-blood. While such practices are often less familiar within pagan based witchcrafts, this is not just an examination of the mysteries of Christianity through a pagan lens; it is an understanding of the agency of the witch to steal power and use whatever they can to their advantage. It is a curious balance of devotion and manipulation, and an understanding of heresy over blasphemy. 

Seize the power of these days by learning about how traditional witchcraft  reclaims, reshapes, magnifies and holds the power available in this potent period, including the Raising of Lazarus, the Darkness of the Ninth Hour and Exu Meia Noite, the Harrowing of Hell and Santo Entierro, the sorcerous technologies of Veronica’s Veil and the Arma Christi, the Greater and Lesser Betrayals of Peter and Judas as Witch Father, la Santisima Muerte, and end with a short meditation and ritual to the source of witch-blood that is the Mother of Sorrows. 

To celebrate the Great Sabbat is to embrace power and agency, to reify witchcraft as an act of rebellion and crucible of spirit- may what is stirred take root, may what takes root blossom, may what blossoms in the garden of the witch change the world!

Jim Dickinson

Contacted Traditions: Sponsors, Overshadowing, and Indwelling

What does it mean to have a “contacted” tradition? What are these beings? How do they interact? What is their purpose? Why does it matter? During the change of the ages, the opportunity for contact and the anchoring of these beings in our space and time has increased. We will discuss the nature of the beings, the potential forms of contact, the limits and benefits, and how members of contacted traditions might interact with their contact. It is a relatively rare occurrence, but when it happens, it matters. 

Danielle Dionne

Partnering with the Dead for Magick and Healing

The spirits of the dead offer a rich partnership for healing of the past and present to empower the future. Join Danielle to explore ways to build relationships with your loving ancestors. Discuss ways to create space in your life to honor and commune with the dead and to seek their intercession through divination and magick. Learn to build a magickal mediumship practice to receive messages and to validate their presence in your life. Consider ways to work with the ancestors to heal yourself and your lineage through veneration and ritual.

Ivo Dominguez Jr

The Consequences of Magickal Action, Aftercare, and Healing

This workshop is on methods to deal with bad reactions or injuries sustained in ritual, when magical work sours, or in outright attacks. I will also be covering quick and simple diagnostics in order to choose a response, if one is needed. The middle and long term impact of magickal action will also be addressed so that you can remain healthy and strong for more years. Wear and tear ignored is often more damaging than injuries or acute situations. Rest, healing, and aftercare are the key to staying for the long haul.

Designing Effective Rituals

The creation of new rituals that are safe, moving, and efficacious is both an art and a science. We will start will a quick listing of sources for inspiration, guidance, and power for the creation of rituals. In this workshop, several models for describing, testing, and balancing ritual outlines will be presented. Methods for dealing with small groups and large public rituals will also be shared. We will also talk about why rituals work and how they have the potential to touch and to change us. The methods and paradigms offered will be applicable to a wide range of traditions.

Jo Graham

The Great Wheel

Explore the Etruscan Saeculum, the Great Year, and how its generational cycle plays out in the modern United States.  Are you Spring-born, Summer-born, Autumn-born or Winter-born?  How does your season of birth on the Great Wheel influence your perspective and help define your role in this era of crisis.  We are deep in Winter in the Great Year.  How can we use the wisdom of those who came before us and lived through this season before to help us lead in our communities, protect those we are responsible for, and create the best outcomes for the crisis?  We’ll explore the Etruscan concepts and how they dovetail with modern sociological theory in a uniquely Pagan way.  (Based on my book The Great Wheel and forthcoming Winter, both from Llewellyn.)

Nathaniel Johnstone


"Nathaniel Johnstone Sings Songs of Hats, Cats, and other Ineffable Horrors."

Tara-Love Maguire

Living in Liminality

Walking the roads between worlds with wisdom and ease lies at the very heart of witchcraft, but how do you keep your own heart safe and sane if the borders separating our world from Elsewhere are just naturally thinner for you? And what can a witch do to protect themselves if predisposed to mental illness? Self-care is crucial, but so is learning to navigate reality – in all worlds. Align your internal compass, learn to live within liminal spaces to strengthen yourself and your practice.

Exploring the Six Paths of Witchcraft (with Christopher Orapello)

Our understanding of witchcraft and what it actually means to be a witch has gone through so many changes since the early years of witchcraft’s public western revival. But, where is it now and where is it going? Where do we want it to go? Join Chris and Tara as they explore their personal vision of witchcraft, embodied as the six-fold path in their book- Besom, Stang, and Sword.   

Katrina Messenger 

A Working to Heal the Waters of the World (Ritual)

The waters of the world are dying.  They call to us to heal them, to revive them, to remember them … the waters of life.  The Order of the Elemental Mysteries (OEM) has been called to share our healing ritual for the waters of the world.  We offer this ritual to the world to be enacted, enhanced, shared, and evolved into a global call for the healing of the waters. In this ritual we connect through the creeks, streams, and rivers flowing into the Potomac, Susquehanna, Rappahannock, York, and James Rivers. These mighty rivers flow into the Chesapeake Bay and then into the Atlantic Ocean, from where they connect to all the oceans of this world and back into the atmosphere as rain that falls and flows across and within the land. In this way, we can all heal our local waterways as part and parcel of healing the waters of the world.

We invite participants to bring items to set on the altar to be blessed during the working.


Body Wisdom: Healing the Schism between our Mind/Culture and our Animal Bodies

Even as we attribute sacredness and divine presence to the soil, the ground, and the earth, we simultaneously abuse, ignore, and poison our bodies, our flesh, our sacred temple of life itself.  How can our bodies be less sacred than the Earth of which we are made? How do we heal the split between our minds and bodies? How do we heal the split between our culture and the life of our own species? 
This workshop will share the premise of Body Wisdom, that our bodies contain within them the wisdom and experience that can heal us and our world.  We will learn practices and prayers that access this wisdom and increase our capacity to learn from Nature itself.

Thorn Mooney

Exploring Traditional Wicca

Though eclectic and solitary forms of Wicca have come to dominate public communities and the Internet, older styles of initiatory, oathbound, traditional Wicca have remained and thrived just below the surface. In this workshop, we’ll take a closer look at Wicca from a traditional standpoint and address questions about hierarchy, initiation, lineage, and seeking. If you’ve ever suspected that Wicca is more than what you see on social media and in books, you’re right

Reading the Tarot Without Memorization 

Many of us have a tarot deck (or three) stashed on a shelf or under an altar, abandoned because we just couldn’t get the hang of it. With seventy-eight cards (and reversals!), there’s just too much to memorize. The cards don’t speak to us. In this no-frills, hands-on workshop, Thorn gives you a series of strategies for reading the cards—for yourself and for others—without reaching for that little white book. If you have a deck, bring it! If you don’t, we have some to lend! (More into oracle cards than traditional tarot? Come on down! These techniques apply equally well.)

Christopher Orapello

Resurrecting Necromancy

The witchiest (and deadest) of all the practices associated with European witchcraft, the art of necromancy could also be the most misunderstood. Let’s resurrect necromancy and learn what it is and its connection to the phrase "black magick.” Join me and discover how it fits into modern witchcraft and how it can add a new layer to your practice as a witch.

Exploring the Six Paths of Witchcraft (with Tara-Love Maguire)

Our understanding of witchcraft and what it actually means to be a witch has gone through so many changes since the early years of witchcraft’s public western revival. But, where is it now and where is it going? Where do we want it to go? Join Chris and Tara as they explore their personal vision of witchcraft, embodied as the six-fold path in their book- Besom, Stang, and Sword.   

Leanne Pemburn

All Things Chiron (Ritual)

In ancient Greek mythology, Chiron was the first astrologer, shaman and healer, touching many heroes and other mythic characters and sending them on their journeys. In 1977, the planetoid Chiron was discovered among the outer planets, in Saturn & Uranus, heralding a New Age of healing modalities and a sea change of culture and energy.
Our wide ranging discussion will start here, and end with a ritual to meet Chiron Himself. (ritual garb encouraged but not required. Doors will be closed when ritual starts)

Christopher Penczak

The Witch Tree 

A common image in Witchcraft and Shamanism is the World Tree. Considered the Axis Mundi, the Pillar of the World, it has parallels with the heavenly ladder of Jacob, world mountain Meru, and the Egyptian Djed Pillar, or Spine of the Sacrificed God.  Its most famous images is of the Norse Yggdrasil. The axis is a sign of stability upon which creation revolves. Go deeper into relationship with the Tree, learning the mysteries of feeding the tree and being fed by the tree. Understand how the spirit wells of each realm feed it. Read the sacred letters upon its leaves. Explore its relationship with the Serpent-Dragon of the World. Experience the Nine Waves of Creation that emanate from it throughout the cosmos. Know its various incarnations in the past ages. Understand the dangers to the tree, and how you can bring continuity to the turning universe.

Aquarius Rite: Bearing the Phoenix of Light (Ritual)

The work of Aquarius is the work of community, embracing both the paradigm shifting rebel  and the spirit of social responsibility. Aquarius creates, kindles and stirs the cauldron of community for our service and evolution. Titled the Water Bearer, this air sign is often aligned with the image of the Eagle of Zeus, and the divine light bearers, Prometheus and Lumiel. In the Glastonbury Zodiac, Aquarius is presented as the Phoenix, the divine bird of fire and resurrection, bearing the New Aeon to the world. Through this sacred rite, bear the blessings of water, of air, and of fire to our community.

David Salisbury

The Iron Pentacle

The Iron Pentacle is a tool for revolution, for yourself and the world around you. Through the five points of Sex, Pride, Self, Power, and Passion, we can unshackle our currents of personal power from the overculture’s grip. Running this power through the body can help you cultivate a greater sense of your true nature and bring about increased integrity and authenticity. In these trying times, this simple but powerful concept from the Feri Tradition could benefit the entire world. Bring water for yourself to sip during class.

& Keeping It New In The New Aeon Panel

Ann Sheffield (Gróa)

Heathen Ethics, Then—and Now? 

During the Viking Age, understandings of “right” and “wrong” were negotiated, lived out, and passed down in a society that was profoundly different from our own. Those differences can create confusion and misunderstanding when modern Heathens look to “the lore” for ethical guidance. In this class, we will analyze some of the unconscious assumptions we often make about ethics, examine how these assumptions differ from those of Heathens in the past, and discuss what all this could mean for Heathens and Pagans who are wrestling with how best to live in our complex, sometimes contradictory, always challenging world.

Michael G. Smith

The Ancient Egyptian Self

Like most cultures the ancient Egyptians believed that the 'self' has many parts or aspects. We will examine their concept of the self and its role in both life and the afterlife. This will include looking at each of the pieces of the self and how they interact with each other and the forces around them.
We will also compare the ancient Egyptian concepts to some of the more common ways Western Occultism divides the parts of self and, hopefully, expand both our understanding of and workings with The Self.

A Ritual To Empower The Magickal Self  (Ritual)

We live in a time where the ideas, philosophies, beliefs, and faith of those that walk the Earth Spirituality paths are discouraged and dismissed. The energetic atmosphere that surrounds us always is anti-magick, and we must work all the harder to pursue our spiritual, magickal, and religious paths.
We are not without aid and Allies. In this ritual, we will travel to the Spiral Castle of Arianrhod, Star Goddess, to seek her aid in empowering ourself as the magickal person which is the birthright of each of us.

Long Term Magical Workings: How and Why to Craft Them Panel & Discussion

— T. Thorn Coyle, James E. Dickinson, & Michael G. Smith

BJ Swain

Witchcraft, the Grimoires, and a Living Spirit Tradition

European magic did not die out and experience a rebirth as is often put forth, rather it shifted and adapted to changing social circumstances. With these shifts there are elements we have lost, which can often be seen vibrantly in non-European traditions. Historical examples of witchcraft and formalized spirit work provide us with many clues towards a what living spirit tradition of European magic could look like. In this class we will look at our history to paint a possible image of the future of European traditional magic.

& Keeping It New In The New Aeon Panel

Jhenah Telyndru

Fire In The Head: Igniting the Spark of Awen in our Lives

The Bards and Druids of the ancient Celts sought the blessings of Awen, or Divine Inspiration, to illuminate their Art and expand their spiritual Sight in service to the Gods and their people. In reclaiming these paths to Awen today, we look to ancient tools and modern techniques to activate this transformational energy in our lives. This workshop will discuss the history and lore of Awen, and will present several techniques which lay a foundation for the seeker to directly tap into the Source of Awen and obtain firsthand experience of its soul-changing power.

Sovereignty and the Great Queen in British Tradition

Rhiannon is the Celtic British iteration of the Great Queen, and we will embark upon an exploration of her myths and symbols as well as survey the ways in which she is both similar to, and different from, other equine deities. We will compare the types of Sovereignty figures which appear in Irish, Welsh, and Arthurian traditions, and discuss ways of reclaiming the energies of Sovereignty in our own lives., we will engage in some mythic archaeology and trace her divine lineage through history in order to explore the truth of Rhiannon’s nature. We will then journey to connect with Rhiannon herself, in order to deepen or initiate a relationship with the Divine Queen of the Celtic Britons.

Maria Wander

Hellenistic Astrology Timing Technique - Annual Profections

An astrology chart maps the planets in their journey around the Sun on the day you born. The chart is segmented into 12 house sectors which indicate specific areas of life.  Dig deeper into your natal chart and learn when specific planets and house topics are activated to draw out the full potential of your natal placements.
The sign of the zodiac rising on the horizon at the moment of birth is akin to the helm or prow of a ship.  The ruler of the Ascendant is known as the Helmsman, literally the one at the wheel of your life, guiding the vessel of your humanity. 
At each year of life, a different planetary Time Lord will be awakened to take the helm, according to the Hellenistic technique of Annual Profections.  The term Chronocrator is a transliteration of a Greek term that refers to the planet activated as a Time Lord in a natal chart for a span of time.  
In this workshop we will activate the Chronocrators and use 20/20 hindsight to create foresight for your immediate future. If we have time, we will look at the Annual Solar Return and evaluate how the Time Lord in charge navigates to unfold the natal promise.  

Courtney Weber

Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess

The days are lighter and the first buds of spring are returning. Early February is a time of powerful well as being the realm of the Celtic Goddess Brigid. But who is she? This class reveals the mysterious history and delicate mythology of the popular Celtic Goddess of home, motherhood, creation, warfare, and healing and Her incarnation as a Christian saint. Join us for discussion, stories, meditation, and exploration of how to invite this Goddess to join your personal practice. Class will include a Healing Ritual using Brigid's Healing Well. The book of the same title will also be available for sale. 

The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess of Magick and Might 

Tough times call for tough Goddesses. The Morrigan is known for prophecy, warfare, death, and the Faery realm, but also healing and regeneration. She is a Join us for a discussion on the Goddess who can be mysterious, terrifying, and yet comforting and restorative. Our time together will end with a meditation to better know this fascinating Goddess. Courtney's book of the same title will be available for sale.

James C. Welch

House Blessings & Wardings: Making A Home

This workshop focuses on how to make your living space a home and sanctuary from a spiritual and magickal perspective. This workshop will answer questions like: whose home is it, basic elements for a ceremony, how to claim your home, what to do if you live with others, and how to set  up basic wards and guardians. Cleansing, clearing, and blessing are just the beginning.

Main Ritual Prep Class

This class prepares you for the main ritual on Friday night. There is a pathworking, chant practice, and an overview of the flow of the ritual. There is also a short question and answer period. The class runs 30-35 minutes.

Laura Tempest Zakroff

We Are Aradia - Empowermen
t  (Workshop & 

#WeAreAradia reminds us: "These are the times we were made for." The Goddess Diana saw her people were suffering from tyranny. She sent her daughter Aradia to earth to teach us the secrets of witchcraft so that we could rise up. We don’t need a savior. We must save ourselves. We need to be the Witches the world needs. This presentation will have two parts: first the workshop/discussion, followed by a ritual. In the workshop section, we'll cover some history (ancient and modern), look at practical witchery (offensive and defensive), discuss resources and ideas to fortify your practice. In the ritual part, we will invoke Aradia to once again bring her wisdom to us - to protect, guide, and strengthen: to empower everyone who needs it.  

Weave The Liminal: Crafting Authentic Witchcraft

What does it mean to be an authentic Witch? Who or what sets the bar for authenticity? How can it define or impede your path? How do you find what is the best practice for you? Discover the Modern Traditional Witch's RITES: Roots, Inspiration, Time, Environment, and Star. These make up a dynamic system that centers around key elements essential for crafting an effective practice that works for you. 


Sacred Space Presenters

Robin Fennelly 

A Tree of Light and Shadow

A cornerstone of the Hermetic Qabalah is the connection that is made to the development of the personality and individual spiritual growth through its study and application.  Each component of the Tree has a vice and a virtue and the tension between the two is the place of the greatest transformation. This workshop will explore the Qabalistic Tree of Life as a tool for refining the Light and Shadow aspects of our being. We will explore the dynamics of involution and evolution within the Tree as metaphor for our own cycle of individualization and the development of a spiritual practice that will support its cycles. A brief introduction to the concepts of the Qliphotic Tree (The Dark Tree) will provide another layer of awakening.  Please note that prior knowledge of Qabalistic studies is not required. The material will be presented in a way that is accessible to all seekers. 

The Alchemy of the Hermetic Tree of Life: AKA Practical (and painless) Qabalah

The study of Qabalah can be daunting in the sheer scope of information, the complex principles presented and outdated concepts of gender, polarities and philosophies not always compatible with the modern perspective. And, knowing how to adapt and bring these concepts into practical and daily application can be the greatest mystery of all. This workshop will offer rudimentary ways to apply the “Life” of the Hermetic Tree to our daily life experience in a way that synthesizes the mystic and the mundane. This workshop will provide an overview of the Tree and the application of its mysteries for spiritual self-development and expansion of consciousness. Discussion of correspondences including the Alchemical Elements, Color, Numbers, Astrological components, and more will provide the keys of connection for personal growth, adaptability and transformative change. Please note that prior knowledge of Qabalistic studies is not required. The material will be presented in a way that is accessible to all seekers. 

The Temple of Rebirth (Ritual)

What will you surrender to the Ancient One? What will you seek to restore the harmony of your Self in death and re-formation? Who will you become when form falls away? What greater knowledge of self will become the womb of your rebirth? This ritual uses the structure of the Hermetic Qabalistic Tree of Life and the principles of death and rebirth as the underpinnings of transformation. We arise from the world of manifest form and enter the abode of Lilith, the Destroyer and the Creatrix. Having surrendered to the dismantling of form, we pass through the veil of illusion and seek the counsel and wisdom of Ma’at calling forth the balance of chaos and harmony. As the illusion of form falls away we come to stand within the Temple of Isis and receipt of the re-membering of our divinity in light and shadow, form and formless. When all have found their path of return, we arise as a whole, fully integrated in all of our parts, Light and Shadow, using ecstatic energy and movement as the vehicle of manifestation and rebirth.  Please bring a bottle of water to remain hydrated.  

Jason Miller 

Strategic Sorcery For The Financially Stuck (ie: Broke) 

Every now and then someone gets really mad at me because I won’t take their last few dollars. That sounds weird but its true. If someone is in a desperate situation, they are looking for any way out and having someone else do magic for them seems like a great way to escape their problem. When people hear that I not only do not want their money, but I don’t think that they should spend money that they clearly need for rent or food or child-care on magic, they get really mad because it destroys a hope that they had. This is understandable. I have felt desperate myself, so I know what it’s like.

In this class I will share advice both magical and mundane that has been garnered from not only my own climb out of a financially downward spiral but from dozens of students that have been kind enough to share their field reports of how they did the same. Any materials or books mentioned in this talk will cost under $20, because the first thing to do when you are financially wounded is to stop the bleeding…

St Cyprian The Sorcerer Saint

St Cyprian of Antioch is a figure who, until recently, was almost unknown in the English speaking world, yet has been celebrated by witches and occultists from the Iberian penninsula in the south, to Scandanavia in the north, and everywhere from Brazil to Mexico in the new world. He stands at the crossroads between Heaven and Hell, Living and Dead, and Christian and Pagan. In this class I will talk about the origins and spread of Cyprians loose lore, how the sacraments can be exploited for sorcery, and share my own 12 year journey with this great Saint who is taking on increased importance for so many. 

Spirits And Sensibility, A Sane Approach To Having Invisible Friends

Unfortunately much of the discussion about spirits in the magical community is driven by extremes: go strictly by the book or exercise wild freedom, spirits are just parts of your brain or they are as ego bound and specific as we are, we must guard against any intrusion from spirits or we must accept what they say as gospel. I reject all of these extremes and prefer a sane approach that is has multiple levels of contact. In this class I will talk about the essentials of consorting with spirits and most importantly, how to evaluate and deepen that contact. 


Diana Paxson 

Nine Faces of Odin: Past and Present Images of the God

 For some, the Germanic god Odin is the Wanderer, for others, the leader of the Wild Hunt. For Wagner he was king of the gods, for Neil Gaiman he is Mr. Wednesday. Rune-winner, magician, giver of battle-fury or ecstatic wisdom, Odin wears many faces, but who is he really, and why is he so active? We seek answers in the stories and the history and the experiences of those who are encountering him today. 

Ancestors, Appropriation and Affinity: In Search of a Pagan Identity

 For over two centuries, American ancestors have worked to expand and apply our ideals and understand what they truly mean. We need to honor heroes from all the ethnic groups that built this land. How can we develop a relationship based on spiritual affinity without misappropriation?  How can we work with all the ancestors to make our country a place of liberty and justice for all?

Runes for Healing

The runes are much more than a tool for divination—they are a powerful tool for use in healing.  In this session, we will discuss which runes might be used for which conditions and explore several ways to deliver them.  


H. Byron Ballard

Living Under the Tower

Environmental and cultural challenges surround us and it is tempting to fall into despair or apathy. In this time of destruction, we can choose to live bigger, noisier and more engaged  lives. Creating activities and putting protocols in place for and with our communities can lead to more resilience and stronger links in an increasingly isolated world. We’ll brainstorm what is already working in our local groups and consider how we move into this deepening time of possibility.

Sex and the Art of Magical Maintenance

Humans are physical beings and our bodies are our selves as much as our spirits are. Following the success of the sex magic workshop (Honey on the Stones), Sex and the Art invites us to go to the borderland between the physical and the spiritual, to dive into the esoterics of the physical.  Participants are urged to wear comfortable clothing and bring their water bottles.

Amy Blackthorn 

Advanced Self Care: Battling Burnout for Pagans And Leadership

The more tumultuous the times, the more our friends, family and other practitioners need us. And the more likely that we are stretching ourselves too thin. If the solution were as simple as a bubble bath or a glass of mead, we’d have done that by now. Join folk herbalist and aromatherapist Amy Blackthorn in looking at the root of the issue and how strategies for self care used by our non-Pagan friends may not be appropriate. How the needs of the priesthood differ from solitary practitioners as well as crafting solutions that work for the long haul with magical squares, astrological petitions and more. 

Scion of Scent- Aromatic talismans and sigils

Witches have worked with aromatic plants since time immemorial. In this offering by aromatherapist and author of ‘Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic,’ we will journey together to design aromatic talismans combining magical properties, musical associations, and astrological correspondences. Learn to make a scent sigil and how to work with the thoughtforms of these intentions in ritual. 

Raven Edgewalker 


Our dominant culture holds a false illusion, that to be courageous one must be visible, big, brave and bold as a roaring lion. Not all of us can embrace that image, finding instead that our courage lurks in the shadows, the courage of a small mouse scurrying across a field at night.  Join us to explore what courage means to you in this experiential workshop. Using tools of sacred discussion, trance-work and spell-work we will explore courage as individuals and as a group, charging ourselves with the energy of courage to take back into the world with us.


Not just for witches?  The wand in neo-paganism has become one of the archetypal tools of Wiccans and witches, but it has a much more diverse history to explore, from the mysterious wands of the Viking völva burials to their entry into occult magic via the Key of Solomon and thence into Wicca via Gerald Gardner.  This workshop will explore some of the history of wands, their uses in magical practice, types of wands and how the materials that we use in wands can impact their use in our magical practice.  Raven has been using and making wands for more than 20 years, and is thrilled to share some of her knowledge.

Chris Farmer

Chi Kung

Chi Kung is an ancient exercise to gently stretch the body and invigorate the meridians. By gently moving and twisting our bodies, we can find better bodily function and peace of mind. This form is from the Tung Family, which I have been teaching for almost twenty five years.  This form does not have much footwork and can be done standing or sitting, depending on your abilities. Please wear loose comfortable clothing. 

Orion Foxwood 

The Refined Seven-Fold Alignment: Technique for Co-Creating an Intentional Future

A response to the “Co-creative call to action for the restoration of wellbeing for Earth and her life”. As magic workers, we must rise to a higher level of clarity, purpose, accountability and skills than many of our magical ancestors. The impact of our ever- expanding technological development on the current and future state of the planet’s ecology is a growing concern. Those who devote their work to the elevation of human consciousness and the sacred guardianship of earth and her life must act with immediacy and impact.  As embodied agents of the planet’s “co-creative call” -we are conscious creators of our lives, our future and a new state of well being for our world. Orion will share and engage everyone in a potent Faery Seership technique and introducting us to the “Wisdom Keepers of the Underworld” as those who walk in Grace; the 7-fold Alignment for aligning to the 7 directions to attune to the forces that uphold and sustain us.

Healing and the River of Blood: Ancient Lore and a Healing Practice for Resolving Conflict on Both Sides of the Veil 

We cannot curse the roots and bless the fruits. Much of the future of our species is contingent upon its relationship to its past. All of us (human and other) partake of a great stream of life called the River of Blood. Yet, sadly few of us have a living awareness of it and how to access, navigate and mediate it for the good of the past, present and future. In this workshop, Orion will discuss the nature of what he calls “life’s undercurrent” and its influence on the quality and potentials of our current lives. This current is both a source of great nourishment, wisdom, power and support but also the origins of many subtle and overt paradoxes, and problems in our lives. We are the inheritors and sometimes the perpetrators of these qualities. To heal ourselves and our world, we must heal what ancient ancestors knew as the River of Blood. 

Irene Glasse  

Making the Darkness Conscious: Guising Through Shadow

Deep within our psyches dwell our shadows: repressed thoughts, emotions, behaviors and memories.  These pieces of ourselves are pushed into the psychological closet for many reasons, but they don't stay hidden well.  Our shadow behaviors - responses that are out of proportion, actions and words that are actively harmful to ourselves or others - are rooted in that shadowy realm.  Guising or Aspecting as a tool for shadow work allows us to approach our hidden and repressed selves, examine our shadow behaviors, and integrate our full magickal and personal power.  This workshop includes a lecture, journeying and interactive exploration/integration. 

All Levels Vinyasa Yoga 

Connect breath, body and spirit through movement.  This class features an accessible pace of foundational yoga poses with focused guidance and alignment cues. Stretch, strengthen and de-stress with this stabilizing, focused practice.


Reforging The Inner Self; Healing Traumatic Events (Ritual)

As we move through life, emotional trauma, abuse, and loss cause our inner selves to fracture. In this ritual, we identify a personal, traumatic event, and using the power of the astral forge, rebuild the inner self to bring separated parts of ourselves back together. The re-forging process involves travel to the Realm of Elemental Fire. The 5 elements of the body – earth, air, fire, water, and spirit, are aligned so they focus and work towards the same goal.

Reforging The Inner Self; Unlocking Ancestral Knowledge (Ritual)

We all carry hidden knowledge within us, expressing itself through our genetics. There is a theory that exposure to an event is enough to permanently change us. At one end of this theory is the observation of an event that causes an emotional reaction, leading to an active change in our behavior. At the other end of this theory is the observation of symbols or energy that causes a change in our evolutionary biology. What if you could tap into this stream of change that occurred in your ancestral lineage? In this workshop / ritual, we tap into our genetic ancestral knowledge, filter the experience to match our life’s direction, and cause permanent change.

Gale Hamby 

Build Your Own Tarot Layout

Whether you are a new reader or a seasoned veteran, sooner or later you will want a question answered for which there is no perfect Layout. What do you do? You make one up that works. This class will give ideas on how (and why) readers can (and should) put their cards on the table in any way they find useful!

If you have a deck you like, feel free to bring it. We will be looking at layouts I use personally, particularly 3 card spreads and the Celtic Cross. You will leave this class with permission to do what feels right for you and your clients!

Monika Healing Coyote 

Healing the Soul Loss of the American Egregore– Medusa enters the Fight

The Battle is here. Many of us answered The Call to join our spirits in the fight for the soul of our country. Maintaining our faith, hope, humor, and joy is an ongoing struggle, especially for those of us working on the front lines of the current magical battles. We are experiencing trauma on a massive scale, and many of us feel overwhelmed and burnt out. Medusa has come forward as an embodiment of the sacred, sovereign antithesis of American patriarchal overculture. This workshop will give attendees an overview of the philosophies of Medusa’s evolution as a god-form, Her theories on the current battles within the United States, and Her ideas on how to help humanity endure and survive this painful evolution. Attendees will receive guidance for healing techniques at both the personal level and the cultural level.  *This workshop is a helpful pre-requisite for the Ritual, but not mandatory.

The Labyrinth of Statues, a healing ritual with Medusa

Monika Healing Coyote will lead a Druid-style ritual to communicate with Medusa for personal healing and soul retrieval. While it is helpful to have attended the explanatory workshop beforehand, it is not a mandatory pre-requisite for this ritual (Monika will give a short review of the previous lecture, see program for more details).  This ceremony will include a guided pathworking for attendees in order to facilitate the collective understanding of personal wounds from broken patriarchal structures, victimization from our government, and soul loss as a result of compassion fatigue/secondary trauma. Attendees are encouraged to bring their journals, ritual garb, and any protective items they wish to include. A synopsis of the ritual will be given as part of the pre-ritual briefing, as well as an explanation of Medusa’s role as Guardian of the Labyrinth of Statues.


Source to Spell: Magic and Fiber Arts

Work through the process of turning natural fibers into finished objects, learn how to infuse magical choice and intention at each stage, and discuss examples of fiber arts being used for magic from the simple to the complex. From spinning a yarn to cutting a cord, handcrafts and magical Craft have been intricately intertwined throughout history; we will discuss this historical context and the importance of fiber arts in folk magic as well as how these arts offer ways to bring our magic into physical existence and live out our values in the present day. Whether you are an experienced crafter or simply fiber curious, come discuss examples and share ideas for weaving together fiber and magic. 

Charges of the Powers

The Charges of the Powers are a responsive reading adapted from Doreen Valiente’s Charge of the Goddess. The Charges of the Powers let two celebrants connect to spirit in diverse forms and raise energy, which can then be directed into another working or into a modern form of the public Great Rite for blessing food and drink in a group ritual. Come explore this contemporary take on a core Wiccan practice and discuss how it can be used in a variety of settings.

Diotima Mantineia 

Integrating Science, Magic, and Spirit

Though we may commune with gods and spirits and/or work magic and believe in its efficacy, we can’t ignore the science that underlies our everyday lives. And mainstream science tells us that magic and spirits don’t exist. Oh. 

But for all its accomplishments, mainstream science has often been wrong before, will no doubt be wrong in the future, and, Diotima argues, is wrong now about magic and the world of spirit.  Sticking closely to the basic tenets of science, we’ll look at why that might be, and how cutting-edge science, magic, and the world of spirit are converging.

Working with the Stations of the Sun

In these rapidly changing times, one thing that doesn’t change is the yearly rotation of the Earth around the Sun. The solstices, the equinoxes, and the midpoints between don’t just represent, they are the cause of the Earth’s shifting seasons. They offer a solid, powerful foundation for a personalized spiritual and magical practice.

We’ll look at the astronomy and the magic of the Sun’s ecliptic — its apparent path around the Earth — as well as the scientific and esoteric reasons for working with certain points on the ecliptic as anchors for both magic and spiritual development.


Sara Mastros

The Orphic Hymns and Their Use in Magic

The Orphic hymns are one of the largest and most important collections of Greek sacred invocational poetry from late antiquity.  Legendarily written by Orpheus, the great bard-hero, the hymns are the liturgy of an ancient Dionysian mystery religion, and also an amazing collection of practical magic.  We’ll talk about the history of the hymns both in antiquity and in English translation. We’ll discuss several hymns in detail, and finish the class with a group invocation of Tyche, the spirit of Luck and Fortune.  During that rite, we’ll be blessing gold (colored) dollar coins as talismans. Please bring you own, or buy one or $1 at class.

Hekataion: Protective Door Guardians of Hekate

Throughout the classical world, shrines and statues of Hekate wereplaced by gateways; the gates of cities and temples.  At Lagina, as well as in Miletus, Thasos, and in Rhodes, Hekate had shrines at the city gates.  At the Acropolis of Athens, a large statue called Hekate Epipyrgidia (Hekate of the Tower) guards the entrance.  Great Greek houses very often had small marble statues of Hekate (called Hekataion) at the doorways.  More modest homes also had Hekataion, likely of wood which rarely survive to the modern day. In this “make and take” workshop we’ll make and bless our own!  Ours are two dimensional ikons that we’ll paint. Bring your own paints and brushes, or you will be able to purchase a set in class for $10.  

Angela Raincatcher

What Does the Fox Say and Other Wisdom of the Animals

What can we learn from settling into watchful stillness and listening to the voices of the animal spirits that live in our ecosystems? What wisdom can we glean from the smallest and most unlikely of creatures? In a world increasingly paved and tamed, humans have to go out of their way to establish relationships with non-human life and ways of being. In this ritual, we will journey in trance to connect with potential animal spirit allies and bring back their messages to our human community.

Gwendolyn Reece 

Apotheosis – Becoming a God

Ancient Hellenic religion holds out the possibility of apotheosis—that a human may transcend their current state and become a God—yet also warns against the dangers of hubris.  What do the ancient sources tell us that might inform our evolutionary path?  What can we gdalean about the process of becoming a God?  Is striving to become a God a worthwhile endeavor?  What are the dangers?  Gwendolyn is obviously not an enlightened being…but is really deeply interested in figuring out how to become one and believes that the Theoi are clear that what They want is for us to grow and transcend our limitations, becoming like Them.  

Dissipating Glamour in Service of the Nation (Ritual)

Glamour, in this sense, is a delusion that occurs at the level of being in which cognition is mixed with emotion—the main place where humanity tends to function.  Because we are all part of group minds and group souls, glamour is highly contagious and can be extraordinarily detrimental.  This ritual will work to dissipate one of the main glamours that is inhibiting our ability to function well as a society.  This ritual was created and performed prior to the 2018 election to combat the glamour that “my vote doesn’t matter,” but can be used for any glamour.  The group will be given the group ritual and a solitary variant and the way to modify the working for any glamour will be explained.

Ritual Reading of an Ancient Hellenic Play (Ritual)

Hail Dionysos!  Ancient Hellenic theater was once performed in honor of the Great One of altered states of consciousness.  Together in ritual space we will read aloud one of the great plays from ancient Greece.  Gwendolyn will give some brief background information on the play and then we will pass the script among us, rotating lines.  The play is always given to Gwendolyn in trance based on what needs to be spoken in ritual space.  In 2017, we read Seven Against Thebes, in 2018 we read Lysistrata, and in 2019 we read Oedipus at Colonus.  We await to see what will be required by these times.  

Robert L. Schreiwer

Urglaawe 320: Soul Construct

Pennsylvania Dutch magical and healing lore contains information about the complexities of the soul and what happens after death. The soul, as a construct of multiple parts rather than a singular entity, is much more complex than is usually depicted in media or in the dominant religions’ perceptions. In this workshop, we will discuss the Urglaawe understandings of the soul construct, the functions and manifestations of each part, and soul work and retrieval as passed down to us.

& Death Midwifery (Panel)

Ariel Malachi Sirocco 


Fire has been an important part of all cultures and religions, from pre-history to modern day, and was vital to the development of Civilization.  With such a rich and wide landscape, are we placing "the idea of fire” in its proper mental, esoteric, and ritual framework?  In this lecture, we’ll look at the very roots of “ ire" and its Promethean legacy.  We’ll explore spiritual and cosmic fire, the "terrestrial fire" of the Tartarus, and how human evolution, both culturally and anatomically, was touched by this divine elemental.  In this lecture, we will take the swaddling clothes off our current western understanding of the "fire mythos," taking these beliefs out of their modern infancy, pass the fantastic, and into the reality of the truly unbelievable where fact is always stranger than fiction.  PowerPoint presentation and handouts.

The Universal Temple of Spirits (Ritual)

In this open circle, The Universal Temple of Spirits presents a service for the Spirits of Unity, honoring them in their manifestations through drumming, dance, song, and art. The service will begin with a sung litany prayer to set the space.  All are welcome to join in with this.  And then the drums start. The singing and dancing continues throughout, and we call our Spirits into ourselves to share our celebration. 

This is an open circle; you may join late or leave early (although you'll probably miss some good stuff if you do). It is a Pantheistic working, so we will honor Spirits from around the globe and sing in their native languages, when possible. Please note that this is not an open drum circle; it is a possession-based working. The more active your participation, the more exciting the service, so... 

Please bring:
A manifestation of a Spirit you wish to honor
A song for them, if you have one
A design for them, as we will all be drawing for our individual Spirits
Drums, Altar objects, if you have them 
You may wish to dress in the colors of the Spirit you'll be honoring

© Assembly of the Sacred Wheel 2020