ASW Covens

Please visit the Coven websites as that is where you will find most of the activity on this site.

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Archers of the Sacred Flames -  Montgomery County, PA area

Bearers of the Earth Flame - Dover, DE 


Chalice of Living Stars
  - Chester County, PA area


Coven of the Mystic Path - 
Springfield, PA area

Coven of the Rowan Star  - Georgetown, DE area


Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag  - Silver Spring, MD area

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Grail of the Birch Moon - New Castle County, DE area


Guardians of the Windsword  - Georgetown, DE area


Keepers of the Holly Chalice  - Bel Air, MD area

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Oak & Willow  - Drexel Hill, PA area

Order of the World Tree  - Northern NJ area


Tenders of the Earth Temple 
 - Philadelphia, PA area

Troupe of The Starry Door  - Georgetown, DE area 

Weavers of the Moonfire  -  Montgomery County, PA area

Membership Requests

We regularly receive emails inquiring about membership in the Assembly. All membership requests are handled by individual covens. 

We Are A Legally Recognized 501(c)3 Religious Non-Profit Organization