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Information On Teachers & Programming Is Being Updated And Hopefully Complete By Mid-Augusted by August 1st.

When we had to reschedule the first time, we kept a percentage to cover the costs and losses of rescheduling the conferences. We have lost thousands of dollars in nonrefundable travel expenses, program book costs, materials and rentals, credit card and PayPal processing fees, and more. The pandemic has affected many of us and the delay in the event may be too much for you so we decided at this juncture a full refund would be given if requested. However, if you can give us something it would truly help, and it is a tax-deductible donation. We are doing the best that we can to ensure that both conferences survive the pandemic and continue to serve our communities. You can donate via PayPal here.

Thank you for your continued commitment to making our conferences successful over the years as source of community outreach and learning.

Yours, the Sacred Space and the Between The Worlds Conferences

Vaccination Policy for Sacred Space / Between the Worlds

In the interest of protecting our sacred, beloved community and all of our loved ones, the board of the Sacred Space Foundation and the Between the Worlds Conference have decided to require vaccination for our attendees.  We recognize that there are some individuals who have medical conditions that make them ineligible for vaccines.  If this describes you, please contact registrar@sacredwheel.org to make alternative arrangements that will meet our requirements for allowing you to attend safely.

Vaccines are the most effective method we have for protecting the safety of our community and those who are unable to be vaccinated.  Requiring vaccines for all attendees who are able to get one gives us the best chance to be able to hold a safe conference.

Attendees will need to present proof of vaccination upon check-in at the conference.  We will only record that we have verified proof of vaccination.  We will not save any personal medical documents.  

Acceptable proof is:

• A photograph on a device or paper of your vaccination card

• For those states that provide them, an app that shows vaccination status or vaccine passport

Future Updates

The Sacred Space Foundation and the Between the Worlds Conference leadership are closely monitoring the health and safety situation as we remain in the midst of this global pandemic.  Please know that you are precious to us and that we are determined to provide a safe and sacred experience for us all.  Closer to the conference, when we can account for the conditions at the time, we will announce our health and safety protocols.  Please note that if our best judgment deems it necessary, we may include more safeguards than what is required by local regulations.

Our beloved friends, we miss you and look forward to when we can be with you in person.

© Assembly of the Sacred Wheel 2021