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2022 is the USA’s Pluto Return and 2024 is the USA’s Chiron Return to the nation’s July 4, 1776 birth chart. Pluto returning to the same position it was then begins a new cycle of death and rebirth. Pluto’s orbit takes about 248 years so what is done in the span from 2022-2024 sets the pattern for another 248 years. The Chiron Return for a nation is a call for a soul searching inventory for truth and deep healing of old wounds. If collectively we work our way through this passage, then idealism and the will to build a better world can hold sway.

The logo for Between The Worlds 2022 is an ornate key set within a mandorla. The key’s handle is constructed of two glyphs for Capricorn surrounding the glyph for Pluto. The USA’s Pluto Return is in Capricorn. The key that represents the glyph for Chiron intersects the Pluto glyph to add additional symbolism related to the Tree of Life. The three lobes of the key suggest the Supernals, below the intersection the Sun and Moon are implied. Lastly, the cross of matter bracketed by the Capricorn glyphs represent the Earth. All in all it is a calling of the Middle Pillar. The mandorla (yoni/vesica) shape is the birthing of the future. The 18 stars are the number of transition (9) doubled to be the above and the below.

A Boader Cycle In The Background Sets The Stage

On December 21, 2020Jupiter - Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius. New Element Trigonalis Cycle began! 

The 20-year conjunctions in this cycle are called minims, the 200-year cycle, media, or trigonalis, and the 800-year cycle of Elements, is called maxima, or climacteria. In the series there are ten conjunctions in each Signs of the same Element. So there are 200 years of Jupiter-Saturn in Earth, then 200 in Air, 200 in Water, and so on.

Just shy of every 20 years there is a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn that is significant, but usually not a world changing event. These conjunctions cycle through the Four Elements over the course of about 800 years. In 2020 we move from having Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions in Earth Signs to conjunctions in Air Signs. Each Element cycle takes about 200 years to complete. What this also means is that we are nearing the end of a cultural cycle that started in the 1840s and ends in 2020. The level of change and upheaval will be astonishing even what has already been a decade of the unprecedented. The desire for change, whether looking forward or backward will be intense at every scale from the individual to the global. No doubt much of the change will be destructive, but there is also great potential for good. 

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