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Working With The Spirits Panel

A discussion of personal experiences with Spirits, God/dess/es, Angels, Orishas, and the like. The value, challenges, and risks of work with the spirits will be considered. Comparisons, contrasts, and similarities between experiences with different types of beings will be explored as well.

— Aeptha, Jesse Hathaway Diaz, Diana Paxson, & Sandra Santiago

The Wheel Of Changes: The Coming Decades Panel

 An exploration of long term cycles from the perspective of Astrology, the Etruscan concept known as the saeculum, and various sociological and traditional systems. There will be a special focus on the next few decades in the United States and what these cycles indicate. Panel: Jo Graham, Diotima, & Maria Wander

Keeping It New In The New Aeon Panel

Magical, fraternal societies like the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and others are often associated with complex ceremonies lead by older, wizard-like figures under the auspices of total secrecy. But the reality of magical societies is far more accessible, approachable, and lively than many realize. In this panel, several members of William Blake Lodge O.T.O. will discuss what modern fraternal magical orders are like, what they do, and how they're relevant to modern day magic-workers. From the intersections of ceremonial magic and witchcraft to the role that marginalized voices play in these communities, and more, our guests will bring it all to the table and part some of the mists of uncertainty that shroud these beautiful traditions. Panel: Stephanie Olmstead-Dean, David Salisbury, & BJ Swain

Book Publishing Panel and Q&A Panel

Thinking of getting published? Don’t miss this discussion! Get all your questions answered, including: where and how to submit your proposal, the timeline and the process, the money question, the agent question, covers and titles, working the publicity machine, and much more. Well-known authors such as Mat Auryn, Thorn Mooney, Jhenah Telyndru, and Laura Tempest Zakroff will give you the inside look from the author’s perspective, while Elysia Gallo from Llewellyn Worldwide will provide information on acquisitions, editing, marketing, and distribution from the perspective of a mid-sized publisher.

Inclusion vs. Affirmation: Nonbinary, Genderqueer, and Transgender Identities in Our Communities Panel

 Pagan, polytheist, and magickal communities naturally draw many seekers from the fringes of society, including people who are nonbinary, genderqueer, agender, and transgender. How can communities co-create spaces that are not just welcoming, but affirming, of non-cisgender people? Panelists will discuss ways in which their gender identity interacts with their magickal work, and practical suggestions for magickal communities to think “beyond the binary” in symbols, ritual, and structure. Panel moderated by: Enfys Book. Panel: Tamara Curry, Raven Edgewalker, David Dashifen Kees

Death Midwifery Panel

The topics of “a good death,” final preparations, respect for our religions, and the handling of the deceased are subjects that come up frequently in Pagan circles, particularly as more of our population ages. In this panel discussion, we will discuss Death Midwifery and other topics related to end-of-life planning. Featured topics will be document preparation, family and hospital interaction, counseling, funeral planning, and more. Panel Moderated by: Robert L. Schreiwer. Panel: Maggie Beaumont, Catalina Castells, Sabrina Chase, Larry Goble, Jr.,  Jessica Shoemaker, Vicki Lindstrom, Victoria Young


Workshop & Ritual Descriptions

(In alphabetical order by presenter and grouped by conference.)

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Open New Areas of Mind 

We have the experience of an understanding and transcendence just beyond our awareness that at times is more accessible than others. Wisely, we use meditation and ritual to strengthen connections and increase potentiality.  The focus of this class is to teach an additional medium of expansion of consciousness.  Looking to the Winged Lion and the upright Winged Serpent as direct apprehensions of potency and power you will learn a technique to draw upon these resources and open to new areas of mind.  This class will be both informative and experiential.           

A Solar Mystery (Ritual)

The qualities and powers associated with the sun are exceedingly extensive.  In this ecstatic and transformative ritual, we will be draw first upon the role of the sun as a mediator to bring together divergent elements within ourselves. Through this ritual act of harmonization, we will open the threshold beyond the world of appearances. It is in this numinous space we draw upon the spiritual sun which awakens the transcendent intelligence. In the space of intuition and mystical awareness guidance, insight and inspiration may be received.  We will return to the originating principle of harmonizing in order to integrate and assimilate this newfound level of awareness. Ritual garb in accordance with your tradition is recommended but not required. 

Clio Ajana

Dionysian Meditative Ritual  (Ritual)

With the help of Lord Dionysus, we journey through the cavity of elimination, illumination and purification.  We recognize the infections and infestations in our lives as we use the transformative power of purification through elimination.  Through this meditative ritual, we throw off the dregs and illnesses that linger from a prolonged winter.


Mat Auryn

Mind Magick
Magick doesn't necessarily require any physical tools, rituals, or spells to work. Sometimes we don't have access to these things when we need to work magick. Luckily, magick can be employed anywhere and at any time, without anyone even knowing you're performing magick. In this workshop, Mat Auryn will be sharing the keys to altering reality to conform to your will by employing simple occult and metaphysical techniques discussed in his book Psychic Witch (Llewellyn).

Triple Soul of the Witch
Many mystical and religious traditions around the world have viewed the soul as not a single substance but having multiple parts, most commonly three. Witchcraft is no exception, in this engaging workshop Mat Auryn will teach about the three souls as explained in his book Psychic Witch (Llewellyn). You will learn how to connect with, feed, and strengthen each of the three souls while also learning how to work through each of the soul’s challenges. You will also learn how each soul gives you a different perspective in psychism and realm of influence within magickal workings.

Karen Bruhin (With Carm DiLullo)

Falcons & Gyphons: On Using Orders Within Groups

The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel currently has two Orders, the Falcons and the Gryphons in addition to its covens. The Falcons are seers and diviners, and the Gryphons are guardians and clearers of toxic energy. They work separately and together. Learn how these magical Orders are structured and enrich our community. The Orders are individuals collected from our covens for their gifts and trained with highly specific skills. They are further trained in synchronicity and cooperation with each other. In theory and in practice, these subsets can be a powerful asset to a group providing service in extraordinary situations. This may be a model your group or community may wish to explore.

Danielle Dionne

Partnering with the Dead for Magick and Healing

The spirits of the dead offer a rich partnership for healing of the past and present to empower the future. Join Danielle to explore ways to build relationships with your loving ancestors. Discuss ways to create space in your life to honor and commune with the dead and to seek their intercession through divination and magick. Learn to build a magickal mediumship practice to receive messages and to validate their presence in your life. Consider ways to work with the ancestors to heal yourself and your lineage through veneration and ritual.

Jim Dickinson

Contacted Traditions: Sponsors, Overshadowing, and Indwelling
What does it mean to have a “contacted” tradition? What are these beings? How do they interact? What is their purpose? Why does it matter? During the change of the ages, the opportunity for contact and the anchoring of these beings in our space and time has increased. We will discuss the nature of the beings, the potential forms of contact, the limits and benefits, and how members of contacted traditions might interact with their contact. It is a relatively rare occurrence, but when it happens, it matters. 

Jesse Hathaway Diaz

Her Name is Legion: Working with Pomba Gira, the Devil’s Wife

Roses strewn at midnight on the street corner, seven candles burned for the Queen of the Crossroads, the song hanging in the air as the spirit grabs her mount and the Lady enters amongst her devotees to hold court and advise, to heal and to curse, to spend time amongst the living. Tobacco fills the air, and she stays until dawn, those present saluting her for her wisdom, power, and presence. Salve Pomba Gira!

Queens and Whores, Murderers and Thieves, Witches and Sorcerers. These are the 'Good People' of Quimbanda, the spirits of earth and fire that stir lust and desire, grant luck and vengeance, and protect those who serve them. The males are collectively known as Exu, the female spirits collectively known as Pomba Gira. 

Quimbanda is a spiritual system born in and because of Brazil itself: a child of West African magic and world-view mixed with Indigenous plant and spirit lore and some glossings of European witchcraft and sorcery. Originally a possession cult focusing on spirit contact and pragmatic workings, it has become a complex system incorporated into Umbanda and some lineages of Candomble, as well as surviving as its own practice. 

Drawing from his knowledge and over a decade of experience as a Tata Quimbanda, Jesse Hathaway Diaz will explore the worldview and spirits of Quimbanda, with a special focus on the Pomba Giras, sharing their stories, songs, personalities, and affinities, and various ways of working with them. Pomba Gira is legion, her name an invocation in itself. She invites us to join her ranks, to recognize the power of choice in the fire that burns at the crossroads of each moment!

Dual-Faith Observance: Always Heresy, Never Blasphemy

The various streams of ‘Traditional Witchcraft’ often adhere to a concept of ‘dual-faith observance’ – a conception of multiple belief, where by the esoteric interpretation of one tradition allows for the praxis of another. Here we navigate a thin line between religion and spirituality, belief and faith, and modern conceptions of politics and Abrahamic cultural inheritance complicate it further. The religions of the right, expressed through orthodoxy, are practiced in tandem with the spiritualities of the left, expressed through heresy– but it beyond compartmentalization. This is not ignorance of, or even ignoring the discrepancies, it is an embracing of them. Can someone practice two seemingly conflicting traditions at once? Once denial is sidestepped, and heresy embraced, all manner of things can be achieved!

Drawing upon a background in ritual theory and performance studies, and over two decades in the traditional craft community, Hathaway Diaz will explore theory and praxis both, giving examples from many streams of magical thought where power is embraced not only through societal and cultural acquiescence, but through the witch’s cross-cultural universal drive: to obtain and maintain power and autonomy.

Ivo Dominguez Jr

The Consequences of Magickal Action, Aftercare, and Healing

This workshop is on methods to deal with bad reactions or injuries sustained in ritual, when magical work sours, or in outright attacks. I will also be covering quick and simple diagnostics in order to choose a response, if one is needed. The middle and long term impact of magickal action will also be addressed so that you can remain healthy and strong for more years. Wear and tear ignored is often more damaging than injuries or acute situations. Rest, healing, and aftercare are the key to staying for the long haul.

Designing Effective Rituals

The creation of new rituals that are safe, moving, and efficacious is both an art and a science. We will start will a quick listing of sources for inspiration, guidance, and power for the creation of rituals. In this workshop, several models for describing, testing, and balancing ritual outlines will be presented. Methods for dealing with small groups and large public rituals will also be shared. We will also talk about why rituals work and how they have the potential to touch and to change us. The methods and paradigms offered will be applicable to a wide range of traditions.

Elysia Gallo

Book Publishing Panel and Q&A Panel

Jo Graham 

The Great Wheel
Explore the Etruscan Saeculum, the Great Year, and how its generational cycle plays out in the modern United States.  Are you Spring-born, Summer-born, Autumn-born or Winter-born?  How does your season of birth on the Great Wheel influence your perspective and help define your role in this era of crisis.  We are deep in Winter in the Great Year.  How can we use the wisdom of those who came before us and lived through this season before to help us lead in our communities, protect those we are responsible for, and create the best outcomes for the crisis?  We’ll explore the Etruscan concepts and how they dovetail with modern sociological theory in a uniquely Pagan way.  (Based on my book The Great Wheel and Winter, both from Llewellyn.)

Heather Greene

How Witches shaped Hollywood Film and Television
Often it seems that witches on the silver screen have no resemblance to those who walk among us and are us. The gulf between reality and fiction often seems vast and even dangerous.  However, we still love those fictional witches and are mystified by their spells. More importantly, within those cinematic representation, there actually is a bit of us - a bit of real magic woven through the fantasy and the horror. Heather Greene will pull back the curtain to demonstrate where and when, and why, modern witches and occultists influenced mainstream cinema and television.

Tara-Love Maguire

Living in Liminality
Walking the roads between worlds with wisdom and ease lies at the very heart of witchcraft, but how do you keep your own heart safe and sane if the borders separating our world from Elsewhere are just naturally thinner for you? And what can a witch do to protect themselves if predisposed to mental illness? Self-care is crucial, but so is learning to navigate reality – in all worlds. Align your internal compass, learn to live within liminal spaces to strengthen yourself and your practice.

Baneful Plants and the Poison Path
“There are poisons that blind you and poisons that open your eyes.” Some plants are pretty to look at, sweet to smell, and bursting with the colors of life and laughter. Along the crooked path though, here grows another sort of greenery entirely- with venom, fang, and claw. Herein lies your ticket to the Sabbat, witches. Herein lies the lost key to your flight. Learn about the path of the poisoner, as well as some of the more utilized plants, their folklore, and how to responsibly steward them in your home garden.

Katrina Messenger

A Working to Heal the Waters of the World (Ritual)
The waters of the world are dying.  They call to us to heal them, to revive them, to remember them … the waters of life.  The Order of the Elemental Mysteries (OEM) has been called to share our healing ritual for the waters of the world.  We offer this ritual to the world to be enacted, enhanced, shared, and evolved into a global call for the healing of the waters. In this ritual we connect through the creeks, streams, and rivers flowing into the Potomac, Susquehanna, Rappahannock, York, and James Rivers. These mighty rivers flow into the Chesapeake Bay and then into the Atlantic Ocean, from where they connect to all the oceans of this world and back into the atmosphere as rain that falls and flows across and within the land. In this way, we can all heal our local waterways as part and parcel of healing the waters of the world. We invite participants to bring items to set on the altar to be blessed during the working.

Body Wisdom: Healing the Schism between our Mind/Culture and our Animal Bodies
Even as we attribute sacredness and divine presence to the soil, the ground, and the earth, we simultaneously abuse, ignore, and poison our bodies, our flesh, our sacred temple of life itself.  How can our bodies be less sacred than the Earth of which we are made? How do we heal the split between our minds and bodies? How do we heal the split between our culture and the life of our own species? 
This workshop will share the premise of Body Wisdom, that our bodies contain within them the wisdom and experience that can heal us and our world.  We will learn practices and prayers that access this wisdom and increase our capacity to learn from Nature itself.

Thorn Mooney

Advancing the Witch’s Path: Getting Unstuck, Overcoming Burnout, and Moving Forward in Magic
Getting stuck is natural, and it happens to witches at all levels of experience. In this class, we’ll talk about the walls we hit in our work as witches, whether that’s feeling like you’re reading the same books over and over again, wondering why your connections to the gods and spirits aren’t as deep as you’d like, failing at a daily practice, or just figuring out how to wade through all of the magical material out there and pick out the good stuff. We’ll share practical, no-nonsense strategies for pushing forward, whether that means kickstarting your magical life for the first time, recovering from burnout or boredom, or finally getting off the sidelines and into meaningful ritual.

Reading the Tarot Without Memorization 
Many of us have a tarot deck (or three) stashed on a shelf or under an altar, abandoned because we just couldn’t get the hang of it. With seventy-eight cards (and reversals!), there’s just too much to memorize. The cards don’t speak to us. In this no-frills, hands-on workshop, Thorn gives you a series of strategies for reading the cards—for yourself and for others—without reaching for that little white book. If you have a deck, bring it! If you don’t, we have some to lend! (More into oracle cards than traditional tarot? Come on down! These techniques apply equally well.)

Christopher Orapello

Resurrecting Necromancy
The witchiest (and deadest) of all the practices associated with European witchcraft, the art of necromancy could also be the most misunderstood. Let’s resurrect necromancy and learn what it is and its connection to the phrase "black magick.” Join me and discover how it fits into modern witchcraft and how it can add a new layer to your practice as a witch.

The Hidden Landscape
To a witch, the value of the land itself stretches wider and burrows deeper than the blessings bestowed upon them by any harvest or fertility rite. Learn about the hidden landscape and what magick it has in store to the willing and daring witch who seeks to grow or deepen their practice and to learn the scope of what it means to be an animist and witch.

Leanne Pemburn

All Things Chiron (Ritual)
In ancient Greek mythology, Chiron was the first astrologer, shaman and healer, touching many heroes and other mythic characters and sending them on their journeys. In 1977, the planetoid Chiron was discovered among the outer planets, in Saturn & Uranus, heralding a New Age of healing modalities and a sea change of culture and energy.
Our wide ranging discussion will start here, and end with a ritual to meet Chiron Himself. (ritual garb encouraged but not required. Doors will be closed when ritual starts)

Christopher Penczak

The Witch Tree 

A common image in Witchcraft and Shamanism is the World Tree. Considered the Axis Mundi, the Pillar of the World, it has parallels with the heavenly ladder of Jacob, world mountain Meru, and the Egyptian Djed Pillar, or Spine of the Sacrificed God.  Its most famous images is of the Norse Yggdrasil. The axis is a sign of stability upon which creation revolves. Go deeper into relationship with the Tree, learning the mysteries of feeding the tree and being fed by the tree. Understand how the spirit wells of each realm feed it. Read the sacred letters upon its leaves. Explore its relationship with the Serpent-Dragon of the World. Experience the Nine Waves of Creation that emanate from it throughout the cosmos. Know its various incarnations in the past ages. Understand the dangers to the tree, and how you can bring continuity to the turning universe.

Aquarius Rite: Bearing the Phoenix of Light (Ritual)

The work of Aquarius is the work of community, embracing both the paradigm shifting rebel  and the spirit of social responsibility. Aquarius creates, kindles and stirs the cauldron of community for our service and evolution. Titled the Water Bearer, this air sign is often aligned with the image of the Eagle of Zeus, and the divine light bearers, Prometheus and Lumiel. In the Glastonbury Zodiac, Aquarius is presented as the Phoenix, the divine bird of fire and resurrection, bearing the New Aeon to the world. Through this sacred rite, bear the blessings of water, of air, and of fire to our community.

David Salisbury

The Iron Pentacle
The Iron Pentacle is a tool for revolution, for yourself and the world around you. Through the five points of Sex, Pride, Self, Power, and Passion, we can unshackle our currents of personal power from the overculture’s grip. Running this power through the body can help you cultivate a greater sense of your true nature and bring about increased integrity and authenticity. In these trying times, this simple but powerful concept from the Feri Tradition could benefit the entire world. Bring water for yourself to sip during class.

Sandra Santiago

The Ritual of Espiritismo (Workshop/Ritual Limited to 10 people)
Espiritismo is  a term used in Latin America and the Caribbean to refer to the belief that  good and evil or dark spirits can affect health, luck and other aspects of human life. Sanse is the name of a Caribbean spiritual practice  that synchronizes the  teachings of Alan Kardec, Catholicism,  and ancestor veneration brought  to Puerto Rico by African slaves as well as what  practices remained from the Arawak/ Tanios, the original inhabitants of Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.

This session will be part workshop and part ritual. Iya Baba No Ke will set up a working altar as used in the practice and talk about the origin and protocols of the tradition. Then, participants will be invited to partake in a short version of a medium session. 

Disclaimer: The session will involve the channeling of ancestors. Anyone sensitive to energy work should ground and protect themselves before  participating in the session.  

Healing the Belly Goddess (Workshop/Ritual Limited to 15 people)

Women‘s natural spirituality differs from men‘s spirituality, and yet we expect it to be the same. The Women‘s Womb Circle is an ancient practice. It was how women came together to share wisdom, celebrate, strengthen community, and connect with the Sacred Feminine/Goddess/Divine Mother. The Divine means different things to us in each phase of our life. Through joy and pain, our spiritual needs and our spiritual expression change with each phase. There is a need deep within to validate our female bodies in all its forms, to release the restraints, and guilt, and to step into the world free and joyful and connected to the powerful energies that are inherent in being a woman. Working with our Womb energies changes us, and our perspective about our place in the world. When a woman is able to honor her Womb her connection to the sacred feminine energies within her deepens. She is also able to access the energy for her own personal healing, self-development, and awakening. 

The Belly Goddess workshop is a safe space where women can reconnect the Divine Feminine. Participants will discuss the importance of the sacral chakra for women. They will be encouraged to dialogue with their divine voice through journaling and meditation in order to reconnect with their authentic individual and spiritual self. After the circle meditations, Sandra will offer  limpias ( spiritual cleansings in the Latin American tradition) to all who are interested.All women, including transwomen, women with hysterectomies, etc. are welcome.

Ann Sheffield

Heathen Ethics, Then—and Now? 
During the Viking Age, understandings of “right” and “wrong” were negotiated, lived out, and passed down in a society that was profoundly different from our own. Those differences can create confusion and misunderstanding when modern Heathens look to “the lore” for ethical guidance. In this class, we will analyze some of the unconscious assumptions we often make about ethics, examine how these assumptions differ from those of Heathens in the past, and discuss what all this could mean for Heathens and Pagans who are wrestling with how best to live in our complex, sometimes contradictory, always challenging world.

A Can of Wyrms: Serpents and Dragons in Norse Thought
In Old Norse literature, snakes and dragons (which were both considered “serpents”) are usually portrayed as malevolent, monstrous, or even demonic. Hints from archaeology and folklore, however, suggest that serpents could also be connected with wisdom, protection, and feminine power. We will jump into this pit of vipers, examine various sources that reflect medieval thought about serpents, and consider what all this might mean for us today.

Beverley Smith



Michael G. Smith

The Ancient Egyptian Self
Like most cultures the ancient Egyptians believed that the 'self' has many parts or aspects. We will examine their concept of the self and its role in both life and the afterlife. This will include looking at each of the pieces of the self and how they interact with each other and the forces around them.

We will also compare the ancient Egyptian concepts to some of the more common ways Western Occultism divides the parts of self and, hopefully, expand both our understanding of and workings with The Self.

A Ritual To Empower The Magickal Self  (Ritual)
We live in a time where the ideas, philosophies, beliefs, and faith of those that walk the Earth Spirituality paths are discouraged and dismissed. The energetic atmosphere that surrounds us always is anti-magick, and we must work all the harder to pursue our spiritual, magickal, and religious paths.

We are not without aid and Allies. In this ritual, we will travel to the Spiral Castle of Arianrhod, Star Goddess, to seek her aid in empowering ourself as the magickal person which is the birthright of each of us.

BJ Swain

Witchcraft, the Grimoires, and a Living Spirit Tradition
European magic did not die out and experience a rebirth as is often put forth, rather it shifted and adapted to changing social circumstances. With these shifts there are elements we have lost, which can often be seen vibrantly in non-European traditions. Historical examples of witchcraft and formalized spirit work provide us with many clues towards a what living spirit tradition of European magic could look like. In this class we will look at our history to paint a possible image of the future of European traditional magic.

Jhenah Telyndru

From Goddess to Grail: Reclaiming the Quest for Sovereignty 
One of Western Tradition’s most evocative tales is the Search for the Holy Grail, that sacred vessel which will heal the Wounded King and restore the fallow land to bountiful abundance. But what is the true nature of this quest, and what wisdom does it hold for the spiritual seeker of today? Together, we will trace the evolution of the Grail Quest back to its origins, and examine its connection to the rites of kingship in Celtic traditions. We will compare the types of Sovereignty figures appearing in Irish, Welsh, and Arthurian legends, and discuss the importance of being in right relationship with the Lady of Sovereignty. Finally, we will consider ways to reclaim the Vessel of Transformation, so that we may work to revive the Wasteland - both within and around us. 

Fire in the Head: Igniting the Spark of Awen in our Lives
In Welsh tradition, the gift of Awen, or Divine Inspiration, was obtained from the Cauldron of Cerridwen - She who is Goddess and Muse. Bards sought the Awen to illuminate their art, birth forth poetic prophecy, and ignite their spirits with the transformational fires of wisdom. In this workshop, we will discuss the history and lore of the Awen, explore the symbol of the Three Rays /|\, and work with several techniques - both ancient and modern - used to connect with the Source of Awen and prepare the vessel of the self to experience its soul-changing power.

Maria Wander

Hellenistic Astrology Timing Technique - Annual Profections
An astrology chart maps the planets in their journey around the Sun on the day you born. The chart is segmented into 12 house sectors which indicate specific areas of life.  Dig deeper into your natal chart and learn when specific planets and house topics are activated to draw out the full potential of your natal placements.

The sign of the zodiac rising on the horizon at the moment of birth is akin to the helm or prow of a ship.  The ruler of the Ascendant is known as the Helmsman, literally the one at the wheel of your life, guiding the vessel of your humanity. 

At each year of life, a different planetary Time Lord will be awakened to take the helm, according to the Hellenistic technique of Annual Profections.  The term Chronocrator is a transliteration of a Greek term that refers to the planet activated as a Time Lord in a natal chart for a span of time.  

In this workshop we will activate the Chronocrators and use 20/20 hindsight to create foresight for your immediate future. If we have time, we will look at the Annual Solar Return and evaluate how the Time Lord in charge navigates to unfold the natal promise.  

James C. Welch

House Blessings & Wardings: Making A Home
This workshop focuses on how to make your living space a home and sanctuary from a spiritual and magickal perspective. This workshop will answer questions like: whose home is it, basic elements for a ceremony, how to claim your home, what to do if you live with others, and how to set  up basic wards and guardians. Cleansing, clearing, and blessing are just the beginning.

Main Ritual Prep Class
This class prepares you for the main ritual on Friday night. There is a pathworking, chant practice, and an overview of the flow of the ritual. There is also a short question and answer period. The class runs 30-35 minutes.

Laura Tempest Zakroff

Exploring the Anatomy of a Witch 

Discover the five essential organs or systems that enable a Witch to more fully embody their magic and develop their personal practice. From symbol to synergy, we will use the metaphysical body of the Witch as a guide to tapping into the greatest and most powerful tool in our possession – our own physical bodies.  

The Art of Sigil Witchery 

Sigils are magical symbols that are designed to influence ourselves and the world around us. Explore a fresh, innovative and intuitive approach to crafting your own designs. Tracing through history, art, and culture, we’ll look at the basic elements that make up all symbols, consider meanings, and see how to safely and respectfully incorporate them into your own personal practice. Bring a writing implement and notebook.  

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