Main Ritual

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Each of the Between The Worlds conferences has included a powerful main ritual and elaborate main ritual.

At the conference there will also be a class with a pathworking to prepare people for the ritual that we encourage you to attend. The class will be repeated several times and we hope that you will make it to one.

Immediately after the ritual there will be complimentary snacks and refreshments to help with grounding. There will also be some post ritual social space.

The Crossroads and the Omphalos

Click here for a pdf of the ritual outline

This is an audio file of the pathworking that prepares you for this ritual. Runs about 15 minutes and headphones suggested.

Chants for the Ritual

“Endless Eternal” 
Endless Eternal, Powers Of The Night

Endless Eternal, Powers Of The Day

Endless Eternal, By Dusk And By Dawn

Come To Us Now, Come To Us Now

We Who Live In Time

We Who Live And Die 

We Who Live In Time

We Who Cross The Veil

We Who Live In Time

Are Here And Are There 

    Flow Through Us Now, 

    Flow Through Us Now

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By Ivo Dominguez Jr

"Three Streams"

Blood of my blood

Stream of life— flow in me

Soul of my soul

Stream of love— flow in me

Spark of my spark

Stream of light— flow in me

    Stream through eternity

    Stream through eternity

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By Ivo Dominguez Jr

“Tipping Point”

Blessed be, you Gods and Mortals, 

Blessed be, you inner fire.

Blessed be, you Crown of Brightness.

Blessed be, you heart's desire.


    We were waiting for a Turning, 

    Then we saw it was our lives.

    When our hearts with heat are burning, 

    Like the sun in flight we rise!

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From Songs for the Strengthening Sun by Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle

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