The following are questions which we commonly receive. Our answers reflect what Archers does as a coven; many other covens have very similar practices.  We aren’t trying to speak for all groups and traditions.

How does one join a coven?

There is normally a common process to joining a coven, you might think of it as applying for a job. First, one contacts the High Priestess or Priest and lets them know that you’re interested in attending an event. Covens sometimes hold rituals and other gatherings that are open to the public, especially around the eight Wiccan Sabbats. The Priest or Priestess may ask some basic questions to get to know you a little before offering an invitation. If the experience is positive for both you and the Coven, you may be invited to attend other events.

Once you’ve had some experiences with the coven and decide that you would like to join, you would write a letter of petition. When the letter is submitted, you’re officially a Petitioner and will be given a Mentor who will guide you through the process of learning and experiencing. At this point, the Coven will invite you to attend and participate in private rituals and events. After six months, you’ll sit down with the Coven members to discuss your experiences. If everyone is in agreement that you are indeed in the right place, you will be dedicated in a lovely ritual and become an official coven member.

What type of questions will the High Priestess or Priest ask?

Typically, you’ll be asked common questions so the Priest or Priestess can get to know you a little better, such as your age and where you’re from.

How old do I need to be to join?

You must be 21 years old or older.

What must one do and learn as a Petitioner seeking membership?

You’ll be given a list of activities and information. Don’t worry, your Mentor will be there every step of the way to help and answer questions. You’ll learn about our coven sigil and tool, the common parts of our rituals, as well as the structure of our Tradition, the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel.

We ask that you attend a business or planning meeting to see how we work together… think of it as a “behind the scenes look” at what is needed for all those wonderful rituals and events. And, during rituals and events, you’ll even be asked to lend a hand to see firsthand what it feels like. It’s also important that you attend an Assembly event to help better understand how all the covens of our Tradition work together.

What does a coven do?

Covens celebrate the eight Wiccan Sabats and Esbats throughout the year along with Full, New, and Dark Moon rituals. There may also be rituals to celebrate specific deities or for other intents. Coven members attend (and often volunteer at) workshops, classes, conferences, and festivals all over the country. Through various projects, we serve not only the Pagan community, but the greater community as a whole, working towards our Tradition’s mission to “reenchant the world.”

What if I have never been to a ritual before?

No worries! Before every ritual you’ll receive a copy and we’ll discuss the “who, what where, when, why, and how” of the ritual. We’ll review the roles for those who have volunteered, and we’ll practice the chants. Lastly, there’s always plenty of time for questions.

What do you wear in ritual?

Our members wear ritual robes. Guests may wear ritual garb if they wish, but it isn’t required. Wear whatever is comfortable for you. We suggest that, if you don’t wish to change from your street clothes, you might put on a piece of jewelry, scarf, or any accessory that makes you feel magickal and special.

Do I need to bring anything?

We always share a meal after ritual, so you’re welcome to bring a dish or non-alcoholic drink to share. Some folks make and bake from scratch, some stop at the supermarket on the way and pick up a “little something.”

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